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What is the EBCI Tribal Option?

The EBCI Tribal Option is an Indian Managed Care Entity (IMCE). We have contracted with NCDHHS to participate in North Carolina Medicaid and Health Choice Programs. That allows us to provide managed care for federally recognized Tribal members and other individuals eligible to receive Indian Health Services.

Simply put, it provides care coordination for Medicaid-eligible Tribal members to improve their healthcare outcomes. More broadly, EBCI Tribal Option assists approximately 4,000 Tribal-eligible Medicaid beneficiaries, primarily in Cherokee, Haywood, Swain, Jackson, and Graham counties.


If you qualify, this relationship-based, patient-centered approach can transform your care by connecting you to doctors, appointments, medication, and therapy seamlessly—ensuring that you get the most out of your benefits. EBCI Tribal Option has a strong focus on primary care, preventive health, chronic disease management, and providing care management for high-need members.


How to join:

First, if you would like to determine your eligibility for Indian Health Services (IHS), please call CIHA Patient Registration at 828.497.9163. Then, if you are eligible for IHS and live within our service area, contact the Enrollment Broker at 833.870.5500, or the EBCI/NCDHHS Medicaid and FNS Eligibility Office at 828.497.4317, to determine if you are eligible for EBCI Tribal Option services.



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