The Patient and Family Advisory Council: Providing a Valuable Perspective.

The role of the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is to assist with the community’s healthcare by providing CIHA with a valuable and much-needed perspective: the community’s. The Council is composed of eleven community members and two CIHA staff members, who advise CIHA and lend support through a myriad of ways.

PFAC’s Goals

  • The Council assists in identifying existing best practices.
  • They collaborate with CIHA staff on patient/family education initiatives.
  • Council members also help to evaluate and represent patient and family perspectives.
  • They make valuable recommendations for improvements in the healthcare experience.
  • Perhaps most significantly, they participate in their own initiatives.

A Little Good Advice Makes a Big Impact.

Our PFAC members are nominated by the community on a biannual basis and participate in CIHA-sponsored events. Notably, PFAC recently executed a Youth Volunteer Program and provided valuable insights into the Purchased and Referred Care process. And through PFAC’s tireless work, they were able to increase provider coverage and services to the Snowbird Community.

For more information:
Contact Kelli Weeks, Nursing Administrative Assistant: 828.497.9163 ext. 6203

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