Patient Registration: Getting You Started with Great Care.

A first and critical step to receiving care from CIHA is allowing us to get your vital health and personal information initially recorded—or, in short, registered. That helps us properly place you within our health system according to need and specialty. And it helps us all manage the Tribe’s resources more efficiently and effectively.

Release of Information

How do I get a chart started?

You will need to fill out a chart packet (please see below) and provide the following: your birth certificate, Enrollment Card or descendant letter from EBCI, Social Security card, insurance card, driver’s license, or photo ID with current address. In lieu of a driver’s license, you may establish proof of residency with two of the following items, which must show a physical address. PO Boxes are not accepted.

  1. Utility bill (power, gas, telephone, cable/satellite, water, and sewer)
  2. Payroll/check stub from current employer or Per Capita
  3. Voter registration card
  4. Bank statement
  5. Tax return
  6. Identification card issued by a government agency

Note: Parents have 180 days to submit a Newborn Enrollment Card to Patient Registration or the chart will be changed to Pending Verification.

Chart packets can be brought to Patient Registration, faxed, or mailed to:

Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority
Attn: Patient Registration
Caller Box C-268
Cherokee, NC 28719
Fax #: 828.497.3878

Hours of operation:
We are open 24 hours a day, every day.  
828.497.9163 ext. 6603.


Frequently asked questions:

  • May one of my family members take my child to the doctor?

    Yes, as long as you have filled out the parental proxy form designating that person as your proxy and ensure the form is on file with Patient Registration.

  • Why do you need a copy of my insurance/Medicare/Medicaid card?

    Even though the Hospital receives funding from IHS and the EBCI, CIHA bills insurance for additional revenue. That revenue, in turn, is often used to provide additional services to serve our patients better.

  • Why did I receive a pending letter?

    You will receive a pending letter as notification, informing you that we need additional information as your chart is not complete. You may need to bring in your driver’s license or two proofs of residency, Enrollment Card or descendant letter, Social Security card, or some other form of ID. Bringing the requested information to Patient Registration to be updated is the fastest way to resolve the matter. Until you do, you may find yourself hindered in obtaining referrals and medications.

  • How do I become a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians?

    You will need to contact the EBCI’s Enrollment Office at 828.359.6467 for information regarding enrollment. CIHA does not perform any DNA testing for enrollment.

  • Why do you need to know my income?

    We refer patients without necessary financial resources to RCA to be screened for Medicaid. This is based on the number of occupants in your household and your monthly income.

  • Will the Hospital cover my medical bills from other facilities?

    Only if your eligibility is listed as “contract health eligible.” If you are “direct care only,” you are eligible for all services available within CIHA. If you need care beyond the services that CIHA offers, you will be financially responsible. If you are listed as “ineligible,” meaning you are not enrolled with a federally recognized tribe, you will be financially responsible for services provided by CIHA.

  • If I’m not a member of a federally recognized tribe, can I still get services?

    If you are employed by the EBCI or a component unit (i.e., Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort, CIHA, Cherokee Boys Club, or Cherokee Central Schools) you may be seen at the Immediate Care Center for urgent, non-primary care. The Emergency Department sees all patients, regardless of race or ability to pay, per EMTALA.

  • I’m pregnant by an enrolled member—am I eligible for services?

    Yes, provided you fill out a chart packet along with all documentation listed above, you have a positive pregnancy test, and the father is willing to sign a Paternity Affidavit. You are only eligible for care related to the pregnancy until six weeks postpartum. Your eligibility will follow the father’s eligibility. If the father is direct only, you will be able to receive prenatal care within the Hospital, but you will be responsible for costs associated with the actual delivery. If the father is CHS and direct, all prenatal care and delivery-related bills will be covered.

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