Meet Your Integrated
Care Team.

What Is an Integrated Care Team?

In our hands, your care doesn’t come from just one individual or one department. Here, you’re carefully placed at the center, surrounded by helpful, caring specialists—experts in their given fields of medicine, and whom we ask to work collaboratively on your care. They communicate and assist each other, ensuring nothing is missed and that you get back to your healthy life as fast as possible.

Okay, So Who’s on MY Integrated Care Team?

Primary Care Provider

Here’s one member of your team: your primary care provider. He or she provides the assessment of your health and initiates a plan for further diagnosis or treatment.

Case Management Support

Your Case Management Support (or CMS) is like your personal receptionist, creating your appointments and making sure you receive reminders, and is generally the first person you speak with when you call your Integrated Care Team.

Case Manager

Your case manager is a Registered Nurse (RN), whose role is to follow up with referrals to outside providers and further develop your care plan if you are high risk or suffer from a chronic disease. He or she will also provide vital education and ensure you’re following your plan.


Your LPN/CMA works closely with your primary care provider to anticipate your healthcare needs. He or she provides health screenings, checks your vital signs and assists with various procedures and immunizations.

A Great Team Needs Support.

Your Integrated Care Team has a Support Team composed of a Behavioral Health Consultant, a nutritionist, and a pharmacist. They help to complete your care with vital specialties that support you and help us provide you with the best possible health outcome.

Behavioral Health Consultant



Contact Your Integrated Care Team Here.

We’ve provided the direct line to each of our Integrated Care Team members. Need to ask a question? Reach out with these numbers.

Primary Care Providers (Eagle Clinic):

Dr. Winchester: 828.497.3576
Jacquelyn Burris, PA: 828.497.3577
Dr. Houser & Resident Dr. Bogan: 828.497.3727
Quana Winstead, PAC: 828.497.1991
Dr. Mahar & Resident Dr. Taws: 828.497.3476

Primary Care Providers (Seven Clans Clinic):

Dr. O’Neill: 828.497.3553
Dr. Givens: 828.497.3552
Dr. Budde: 828.497.3551
Kelsey Two-Bears, PAC: 828.497.3477
Trudy Crowe, FNP (Angela Penland, FNP): 828.497.3711
Dr. Jones: 828.497.3475

Satellite Clinics

(Snowbird) Mary Postell-Jones, FNP

(Cherokee County Clinic) June Hensley, FNP

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