The Kanvwotiyi Residential Treatment Center: A Community Devoted to Your Recovery.

The Kanvwotiyi Residential Treatment Center

Kanvwotiyi is a residential treatment center in the Snowbird Community of Graham County, NC.

 In 2015, the EBCI Tribal Council approved funding. It directed Cherokee Indian Hospital to develop a comprehensive system of care—a recovery community for Cherokee people struggling with addiction and other challenges.

This program, located on a peaceful mountaintop and surrounded by the healing aspects of nature’s beauty, can accommodate up to ten men and ten women. Cherokee cultural themes designed in all components of the facility’s design, including:

  • Men’s and women’s cottages
  • A lodge for intensive programming
  • Grounds that provide opportunities for work, reflection, and connection to culture and identity

For more information about how you or a loved one might participate in our programs of recovery, please contact the Analenisgi Recovery Center at 828.497.6892.

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