The Cherokee Indian Hospital is governed by the EBCI Tribal Council appointed board which consists of community leaders, tribal member health care professionals, and other professionals.


Governing Board

Left to right: Dr. Richard Bunio, Dr. Frances Owle-Smith, Mr. Brad Letts. Mr. Casey Cooper, Mrs. Adele Madden, Dr. Carmeleta Monteith, Ms. Joyce Dugan, Dr. Pamela Brady, Ms. Vickie Bradley, Ms. Marcia Holifield, Ms. Helene Lambert



Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

 From left to right: Merritt Youngdeer, Helene Lambert, Marcia Hollifield, CIHA Director of Nursing Sonya Wachacha, Denise Ballard, Becky Bridges, Wanda Reagan, Lori Owle, Joey Owle and Ali-sha Stephens