Our Dental Clinic: Care For You & Your Smile

CIHA Dental believes that care and service is delivered most effectively from the heart. We believe that the Guiding Principle of “To hi” or “A state of peace and balance” can only be achieved through healthy relationships and is fundamental to living healthy lives.

We believe that all health care services belong to the people and CIHA is a steward of their inheritance charged with safeguarding it and providing it to them when and how they need it. CIHA Dental is committed to being the healthcare partner of choice for this Community and enjoying the relationships found in healthy families.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and staffing vacancies, please note some changes in services as we work to accommodate the appropriate guidelines for the dental services in a hospital setting.

Current Dental Clinic Services Offered:

  • Same Day Appointments: These appointments are intended for patients who are experiencing dental pain, swelling, or uncontrolled dental bleeding.
  • Preventative & Routine Care (Adults)
  • Preventative & Routine Care (Children)

Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday: 7:30 a.m.– 5:30 p.m.
Closed daily: 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Contact the Dental Clinic:
828.497.9163 ext. 6478

Frequently asked questions:

  • How do I reserve a same-day appointment?

    There are limited “same day” appointment blocks in our daily schedule, so we suggest calling our office to reserve your appointment beginning every morning at 7:30 am.

    “Same day” appointment blocks are scattered throughout the workday, so you may get an early or later appointment.

    Please call 828-497-9163 ext. 6478 to schedule your “same day” appointment.

  • How do I get an appointment for Preventative & Routine Care (Adults)?
    • For patients who have a current exam and are routine users of the clinic: We offer services such as cleanings, recall exams, x-rays, fillings, extractions and/or other services based on EBCI eligibility.
    • For patients who have not had a current exam in the past 3 years: Same day appointments can be used for dental emergencies. Depending on the need and time allowance, treatment may include medicaments, temporary fillings, permanent fillings, and extractions. If you are unable to receive dental treatment during a same day appointment, you may be rescheduled to have the dental procedure completed at a different time.
    • For patients who would like to become an established patient, please contact us at 828-497-9163 ext. 6478 to find out when and how you can schedule your New Comp Exam.
  • How do I get an appointment for Preventative & Routine Care (Children)?
    • Please call our office at 828-497-9163 ext. 6478 if your child is experiencing any dental pain, swelling, uncontrolled dental bleeding, as these are urgent needs. If your child is having other dental issues, please call us and a triage form will be sent to the Pediatric Dental Team to determine route of treatment.
    • Children with urgent and emergent dental needs are being prioritized at this time as we only have one pediatric provider.
  • If I receive care from an outside dental provider, will CIHA Dental provide follow-up care?

    If you have any problems or need a follow-up appointment, please return to your original provider.

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