Our Medical Services and All the Ways We Can Assist You.

The Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority has, since it first began construction in 1936, made a commitment to the Cherokee people to provide the very best medical assistance that our resources allow. It has been a constant and uphill climb to arrive at today’s system of in- and outpatient facilities, which provide a variety of services across the Qualla Boundary.

We have endeavored to include a comprehensive list of those services for you and your family as a quick reference. Please keep in mind that as new resources become available, we will seek to expand the services you see listed here. For a full, accurate, and complete list of medical services available from CIHA, please inquire with your medical health professional or Integrated Care Team.

Our Full List of Medical Services, by Department:

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Eye Clinic
Physical Therapy/Ortho/Wound Care
Respiratory Therapy
Durable Medical Equipment

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