Congratulations to this year's Employee of the Year and Hayes Award Nominees!


Each year, Cherokee Indian Hospital recognizes its outstanding employees through two prestigious awards: “Employee of the Year” and the Hayes Award for Quality and Safety. These awards highlight the dedication and excellence of our staff in providing exceptional healthcare services.

The “Employee of the Year” award is presented to an employee who exemplifies the core values of integrity, responsiveness, teamwork, and innovation. This award celebrates individuals who consistently go above and beyond in their roles, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and a positive impact on their colleagues and the patients we serve.

The Hayes Award for Quality and Safety is a perpetual award given annually to an employee who has significantly contributed to risk mitigation, improved safety, or quality enhancement within our organization. This award acknowledges the critical importance of maintaining high standards in healthcare, recognizing those who lead or facilitate vital changes in systems or processes to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients.

These awards are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees. They serve as an inspiration for all staff members to strive for excellence, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and uphold the highest standards of patient care and safety.


Dr. Winona Houser: A Paragon of Integrity and Excellence

Dr. Winona Houser stands as a beacon of integrity and compassion at Cherokee Indian Hospital, encapsulates the principles of excellence and commitment to patient care. With a dedication to her profession, she has consistently demonstrated qualities that make her a worthy candidate for the Employee of the Year Award. Click here to continue reading


Abby White: A Visionary Leader in Healthcare Informatics

Abby White’s journey at Cherokee Indian Hospital is characterized by her exceptional leadership, dedication, and innovative approach to healthcare informatics. Through her visionary leadership and commitment to excellence, Abby has made a earnest impact on both her colleagues and the patients she serves. Click here to continue reading




Keaw’e Bone: A Cultural Relic for CIHA

Keaw’e Bone stands as an exemplar of integrity and dedication within Cherokee Indian Hospital, personifying the values of responsibility, ownership, and professionalism in all his endeavors. With a contagious positive attitude, Keaw’e cultivates a work environment that is both efficient and uplifting, fostering a sense of unity among colleagues. His resolute commitment to individualized care and prompt responsiveness to the needs of patients, staff, and customers reflect his dedication to providing excellence in service. Click here to continue reading


Wendy Jackson: A Pillar of Compassionate Care and Innovation

Wendy Jackson’s journey at Cherokee Indian Hospital is not just marked by her years of service as an inpatient tech, but by the profound impact she has had on both her colleagues and the patients she serves. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a compassionate heart, Wendy amplifies the values and principles that define the essence of CIHA. Click here to continue reading



Jennifer Bigmeat: Fostering Success and Employee Well-being at CIHA

Jennifer Bigmeat is a dedicated and innovative professional whose contributions to Cherokee Indian Hospital’s benefits department and human resources have been nothing short of exceptional. With a consistent commitment to integrity, responsiveness, success, teamwork, and innovation, Jennifer  demonstrates a passion for supporting employees and enhancing organizational effectiveness. Her leadership in streamlining processes, fostering employee engagement, and implementing creative initiatives such as Open Enrollment and Benefits Bonanza has made a significant impact on CIH’s success and the well-being of its workforce. Jennifer’s exemplary work ethic and collaborative spirit serve as a beacon of excellence within the organization, earning her the respect and admiration of colleagues across the board. Click here to continue reading


Lisa Hoyle: Driving Excellence and Innovation at Cherokee Indian Hospital

Lisa Hoyle, an invaluable member of Cherokee Indian Hospital, embodies a commitment to excellence in healthcare. With a focus on quality and safety, Lisa’s dedication has significantly impacted the hospital’s operations, earning her recognition as a nominee for the prestigious Hayes Award. Click here to continue reading

What do the 2024 Employee of the Year & Hayes Award Winners receive?


Both Winners will also receive two tickets and special recognition at the 13th Annual Cherokee Indian Hospital Foundation Gala as well as dinner for them and their families with the CIHA Governing Board.


Employee of the Year

  • Memorial Clock
  • Reserved Parking Space
  • Monetary Award
  • 52 meal cards for the cafeteria
  • $1,000 continuing education dollars


Hayes Award

  • Memorial Clock
  • Reserved Parking Space
  • Monetary Award

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