Services Offered:
We offer diagnostic x-ray, fluoroscopy, CT, mammography, ultrasound, DEXA, and MRI.  For all exams except for diagnostic x-rays you need to make an appointment with the department.  

Hours of Operation:
Our department is open 24/7.  Except on holidays we have a person on standby for part of the day.   


Contact information:  

828.497.9163 ext.6466 



How do I drink the contrast?
You start 2 hours prior to appointment time.  You drink one bottle 2 hours prior and ½ bottle 1 hour prior.  You then bring the remaining ½ bottle with you.  


Can I get a copy of my exam?
 We can make you a CD to take to outside physicians, you need to come to the department and ask for the CD to be made.  We do not make CD’s prior to you arriving at the department.   


Where do I get my results?
Your test results will be sent to your Primary Care Provider.