HHI specialize in providing intensive case management and fun activities to partner with the participant to prevent the complications of Diabetes.  We do this by providing one on one interaction with the participant including education, clinical interventions and exercise/nutrition.

Services Offered:

1. Education on self-management of diabetes
2. An exercise specialist to provide a plan for home exercise.  This person is also available to work out with the participants in an individual setting or in a group setting
3. Special monthly activities to foster an active lifestyle like hiking, fishing, bowling and basketball shootouts.  We provide a healthy lunch for activities.
4. Nutrition counseling including individualized meal planning and cooking demonstrations.
5. We provide individualized diabetes education from a Certified Diabetes Educator which are tailored to meet each patient’s goals


Monday-Friday: 7:45am - 4:30pm


Contact information:  497.9163 ext. 7575


Do you provide cardiac rehab?
We are not a cardiac rehab center.  We partner with the participant to prevent complications of diabetes with education, nutrition and fun interactive