The mission of the Cherokee Dental Program is to promote oral health and prevent oral disease through education, supplying dental, nutrition and preventive measures through a network of health care and educational providers.


Services include:

  1. Exams
  2. X-rays
  3. Cleanings
  4. Fillings
  5. Root Canals
  6. Crowns
  7. Extractions
  8. Oral Surgery (Non-sedation)
  9. Dentures and Partials
  10. Athletic Mouth Guards


Appointments are booked for 7:30am thru 4:30pm Monday – Friday 
Closed 11:30am – 12:30pm for lunch


**For any questions or concerns please contact our Dental Clinic Front Desk at (828) 497.9163 ext. 6478**

Do you see emergencies?

Yes, we now offer same day appointments that can be used for emergencies

Do we still book appointments?

Yes, we still book regular appointments but you can also use the same day appointments if you would like to be seen on short notice
Do you make dentures?

Yes, please call and speak to our Case Manager, Ext. 6324, about dentures as there is select criteria you must meet.

Does the Dental Clinic offer braces or other orthodontic services? 
The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians offers a braces referral program for EBCI enrolled members aged 6-17. For details regarding program specfics please call Mellie Burns at (828) 359-6197.

If I receive care from an outside dental provider, will CIHA Dental provide follow up care?
If you have any problems or need a follow up, please return to the original provider.