Our Core Purpose

To enhance the prosperity of the next seven generations of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians through relationship based quality healthcare.



Our Mission

The Mission of the Cherokee Indian Hospital is to be the partner of choice for the community by providing accessible, patient and family centered quality healthcare with responsible management of the tribes’ resources.



Our Vision

Our vision is to be significant in the lives of Tribal members, chosen for excellence and exceeding customer expectations, recognized for improving the health of the Eastern Band the Cherokee Indians.



Our Values

  • Integrity (Honest and Fair)
  • Excellence (Pursuit of Perfection)
  • Engagement (Emotional and Intellectual commitment)
  • Stewardship
  • Group Harmony (Professional, Respectful, Supportive, Loyalty, Grace)
  • Compassion
  • Accountability




Guiding Principles

U wa shv u da nv te lv

To hi

Ni hi tsa tse li

di qwa tse li i yu s di



Guiding Principle One

U wa shv u da nv te lv:

(oo wa shuh oo da nuh tay luh)

“The one who helps you from the heart”

Cherokees have been mislead and mistreated over the centuries by opportunist disguised as well meaning subject matter experts. For this reason to be effective in this community requires genuine, evident commitment to the best interest of the community.

 “This community doesn’t care what you know until it knows you care”

CIHA believes that care and service delivered most effectively is delivered from the heart.


Guiding Principles Two

To hi

(toe hee)

“A state of peace and balance”

Cherokee Believe that all things endeavor to achieve this ultimate state of peace where all things are in balance and as they should be.

CIHA believes “to hi” can only be achieved through healthy relationships, and is fundamental to living healthy lives.

Guiding Principles Three

Ni hi tsa tse li

(nee hee zah zay lee or nee hee ja jay lee)

“it belongs to you”

Cherokee like most Native Americans enjoy the first pre-purchased health care in this country. Health care was purchased by ancestors through treaties with the United States, as recompense for the atrocities that resulted from horrific “Indian Policy” in this country

CIHA believes that all health care services belong to the people and CIHA is a steward of their inheritance charged with safe guarding it and providing it to them when and how they need it. 


Guiding Principles Four

di qwa tse li i yu s di

(dee gwa shay lee ee you sdee)

“Like family to me” “He, she, they, are like my own family”

CIHA is committed to being the healthcare partner of choice for this community enjoying the relationships found in healthy families.