Services Offered:

•    Outpatient Individual, Group and Family Therapy
•    Recovery Center – classes and peer support
•    Psychiatric Evaluation
•    Medication Management
•    Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

•    Early Recovery 

•    Anxiety Program
•    Case Management
•    Intensive In Home Treatment for children and families
•    Suboxone Program

- Foundations 1,2; Recovery Maintenance; Long-Term Sustained Recovery

•    DWI Program

- Short Term and Long Term Classes
•    Domestic Violence Treatment for Victims and Perpetrators

•    Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Services at the Tribal Justice Center
•    Cherokee Central Schools comprehensive services
•    Outpatient services in Cherokee County and Snowbird Clinics
•    Family Safety Services Integrated Model
•    Juvenile Justice Integrated Model
•    Detox through Cherokee Indian Hospital

•    Residential Treatment Continuum for Substance Abuse
•    Mobile Crisis Management and Inpatient Treatment available

Hours of Operation:

Monday - 8am-6pm

Tuesday - 8am-4:30pm

Wednesday - 8am-6pm

Thursday - 8am-4:30pm

Friday - 8am-4:30pm

Contact information:  

Analenisgi Recovery Center 
375 Sequoyah Trail
Cherokee, NC  28719
Phone: 828-497-9163 Ext. 7550
Fax: 828-497-6977

How to access Analenisgi services:
•    Call 497-9163 extension 7550 and ask for an intake appointment
•    Walk-In Clinic at Analenisgi is available Monday-Friday from 1 PM – 3 PM. 
•    Recovery Center - drop in Monday-Friday between 8AM and 4:30PM.
•    Cherokee Indian Hospital Emergency and Inpatient Departments
•    Cherokee Indian Hospital Integrated Care Teams – ask to see a behavioral health consultant
•    Tribal Court
•    Tribal Justice Center
•    Children and Families may also access Analenisgi services at Cherokee Central Schools, Juvenile Justice or the Family Safety office.